About BMA Images

For as long as he can remember, photography has been Ben’s guide through life. Acting as a metaphysical GPS leading him to the next destination, it has provided a creative outlet through which his reactions to life experiences can be expressed. The saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” exists for the very reason that sometimes there is no combination of words, clever rhetoric, or wordplay that can fully communicate what a person feels.

And with the use of Photoshop, and digital manipulation Ben is able to take his photographs to the next level-where dreams no longer have to remain dreams. Each creative endeavor provides an invaluable experience supporting the artist’s personal, and creative growth. These skills that the artist  have come to posses are predominantly self-taught—products driven by curiosity, and passion for photography. And they have taught him a higher level of appreciation, awareness and understanding for life’s myriad of beautiful moments.

Ben Addonizio just recently finished college at Syracuse University, where he studied Communications Photography at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Now, he works out of the Greater New York City area. And yes, this was written in the third person.

serious art face.